Image of BSU Counter Intelligence Report Zine

BSU Counter Intelligence Report Zine


Tom Groholski cover
Special Orders
Travel Badge
Agitator - Nate Vernia
Rebel - Bernie O'dowd
Radicals - Art & Steve Godoy
Surveillance Review - Jock Traps
Munitions Review - Shoe Goo
Supplies Cache - Street Signs
Front Lines
Communications Network - Agression and Big Boys

Issue #1
Resistance offensive orders
Front Lines
VB Resistance Report w/ Henry Gutierrez
Communications Network - JFA, Void, Sick of it All
Agitator - Jake Wooten by Donny Myhre
NE Resistance Report w/ Brian Plebani
Munitions Review-Duct tape, Rip grip
Surveillance Review-Jock Spotter Binoculars
Supplies Cache-How to steal wood from a construction site

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